Things to Do in Ridgewood, NJ

Things to Do in Ridgewood, NJ

  • The Home Navigators
  • 05/8/24

Ridgewood, NJ, in Bergen County, offers residents and visitors various activities and attractions. From downtown streets to parks and cultural events, there's something for everyone in this community. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, a history buff, or a foodie, Ridgewood has plenty to offer. In this guide, we'll explore some top things to do in Ridgewood, NJ, providing a comprehensive overview of the area's highlights.

Explore Downtown Ridgewood

Downtown Ridgewood is a hub of activity, with its streets, boutique shops, and cafes. Take a stroll along East Ridgewood Avenue and explore the storefronts. After shopping, grab a bite to eat at one of the eateries, offering everything from dining to cuisine. With its atmosphere and vibe, downtown Ridgewood is the perfect place to spend an afternoon.

Visit Graydon Park

For outdoor enthusiasts, Graydon Park is a destination in Ridgewood. This park features a lake, offering opportunities for fishing, paddle boating, and walks. Pack a picnic and enjoy an afternoon in one of the picnic areas, or let the kids burn off energy at the playground. With its beauty and amenities, Graydon Park provides a retreat from daily life.

Ridgewood Public Library

If you're searching for an escape, look no further than the Ridgewood Public Library. This community institution offers resources for visitors of all ages. Browse the books, magazines, and DVD collection, or take advantage of the library's lab and free Wi-Fi access. The library hosts events and programs throughout the year, including author readings, storytimes, and workshops. 

Catch a Movie

Head to Bow Tie Cinemas in Ridgewood for a night out and catch a blockbuster or indie flick. With its facilities and seating, Bow Tie Cinemas provides a movie-watching experience for audiences of all ages. Grab some popcorn and settle in for a night of entertainment surrounded by friends and family. Whether you're a fan of thrillers or dramas, Bow Tie Cinemas has something for everyone.

Attend a Cultural Event

Immerse yourself in the cultural scene of Ridgewood by attending an event or performance. There's always something happening in town, from concerts and art exhibitions to theater productions and festivals. Check out the offerings at the Ridgewood Art Institute or the Ridgewood Guild Cinema, where you can experience the best of the Ridgewood art scene. Whether you're a culture vulture or simply curious to explore something new, Ridgewood's cultural events are not missed.

Explore Nearby Parks

Ridgewood is surrounded by abundant beauty, with parks and nature reserves just a drive away. Spend a day exploring destinations like Saddle River County Park or the Ridgewood Wild Duck Pond, where you can enjoy trails, picnic areas, and wildlife viewing opportunities. Pack binoculars and watch for birds and other wildlife while exploring the surroundings. Whether you're seeking adventure or an escape into nature, Ridgewood's parks offer something for everyone.

Historical Sites

Delve into Ridgewood's history by visiting local sites and landmarks. Explore the Schoolhouse Museum, housed in a school building, and learn about the town's educational institutions. Visit the Ridgewood Train Station, a landmark dating back to the 20th century, and marvel at its architecture and detailing. Take a guided tour of the Van Neste Square Historic District, where you can admire the homes and buildings that reflect Ridgewood's past. With its wealth of sites, Ridgewood invites visitors to step back in time and discover the stories of generations past.

Fitness and Recreation

Stay active and healthy by taking advantage of Ridgewood's fitness and recreation facilities. Join a class at one of the gyms or recreation centers, offering everything from yoga and pilates to spin and Zumba. Dive into the pool at the Ridgewood YMCA, lace up your sneakers, and hit the trails at Ridgewood's many parks and green spaces. Whether you prefer working out solo or with a group, Ridgewood provides plenty of opportunities to stay fit and active year-round.

Culinary Exploration

Indulge your taste buds with a culinary adventure in Ridgewood's dining scene. From cafes to restaurants, the town offers options to suit every palate and craving. Sample cuisine at one of Ridgewood's eateries, or savor Italian fare at a trattoria. Treat yourself to pastries and coffee at a bakery, or enjoy brunch with friends at a cafe. 

Attend a Community Event

Throughout the year, Ridgewood hosts farmer's markets, street fairs, and holiday celebrations, drawing locals and visitors alike to come together and celebrate the unique spirit of Ridgewood. The farmer's market, held regularly in the downtown area, showcases fresh produce, artisanal goods, and handcrafted items, creating a marketplace with energy and excitement. Ridgewood's street fairs transform the town's streets into vibrant thoroughfares lined with food vendors, live music, and artisanal crafts, offering a delightful sensory experience for attendees

Discover Ridgewood

Ridgewood, NJ, offers activities and attractions for visitors and residents alike. Whether you're exploring landmarks, indulging in culinary delights, or enjoying outdoor recreation, there's something for everyone to enjoy in this community. 

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