10 Best Restaurants in Ridgewood, NJ

10 Best Restaurants in Ridgewood, NJ

  • Maryanne Elsaesser
  • 03/21/24

Situated in the heart of Bergen County, Ridgewood, NJ offers culinary delights that mirror its sophisticated community. From the authentic Italian flavors that transport you to the streets of Rome to the innovative vegan dishes that cater to the health-conscious, Ridgewood's restaurants showcase an array of global cuisines prepared with care and finesse. This guide is your passport to the top dining spots in Ridgewood, New Jersey, offering a curated list of must-visit restaurants for locals and visitors alike.

1. From Scratch: A Taste of Italy in Ridgewood

At From Scratch, diners are transported to Rome with every bite. Renowned for its authentic and homemade Italian cuisine, the restaurant offers a menu that highlights the richness of Italian flavors. The Focaccia de Recco con Speck and Lasagna alla Bolognese are standout dishes celebrated for their depth of flavor and authenticity. The BYOB policy lets guests bring a favorite wine to complement their meal, creating an unforgettable dining experience​​.

2. TABLA Fine Indian Cuisine

For an exploration of rich flavors, TABLA Fine Indian Cuisine offers an array of Indian dishes that are both traditional and inventive. The chili cheese naan is a must-try, perfectly blending spicy and cheesy flavors. With a generous selection of vegetarian options, TABLA caters to a variety of dietary preferences, making it a welcoming spot for all​​.

3. Green Fusion: Vegan Delights

Green Fusion stands out for its expansive vegan menu, offering dishes from various cuisines with a plant-based twist. General Tso's cauliflower and curry ramen soup are among the favorites, providing a delightful experience for those seeking vegan options without compromising on taste​​.

4. Hama Korean Cuisine: Authentic Korean Flavors

Hama Korean Cuisine is celebrated for its delicious Korean dishes and great service. Whether you're a first-timer or a regular, the menu's variety promises a memorable meal. The restaurant's commitment to freshness and quality is evident in every dish, from spicy tofu soups to hot kitchen specialties​​.

5. Roots Steakhouse: Upscale American Dining

Roots Steakhouse is an upscale New American restaurant known for its premium-quality steaks, fine wine, and inviting atmosphere. The Roots Tailors Plate, featuring filet mignon and jumbo-sized shrimp, is a luxurious choice for those looking to indulge​​.

6. Village Green Restaurant: New American Fare

The Village Green Restaurant offers elevated New American dishes in a sophisticated setting. The Long Island Duck Breast and Foragers Pasta are examples of the creatively plated, seasonal dishes that make Village Green a standout dining destination​​.

7. Sakura-Bana: Traditional Japanese Cuisine

Sakura-Bana has been a go-to for authentic Japanese cuisine since 1984. Its menu features large platters perfect for group dining, as well as specialty sushi rolls like the Peter Roll, which combine unique flavors and textures​​.

8. Felina Restaurant: Italian Elegance

Felina Restaurant combines sleek industrial design with Italian-inspired cuisine, making it a standout in Ridgewood’s dining scene. Its vibrant setting is matched by a menu that balances seasonality and technique, complemented by an award-winning wine list.

9. Blu Sushi: Contemporary Japanese Fusion

Blu Sushi is a contemporary haven for sushi aficionados and lovers of Japanese cuisine. Catering to both purists and adventurers, Blu offers a range of options, from classic rolls to unique creations that showcase the chef's creativity and the use of high-quality, fresh seafood.

10. S. Egidio: Delicious Italian Flavors in Ridgewood

S. Egidio is known for providing an authentic Italian dining experience. In addition to serving up delicious pasta, the restaurant features a Vesuvian wood-fired brick pizza oven, hand-built in Napoli by third-generation craftsman and world-famous Neapolitan oven builder Stefano Ferrara.

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