9 Luxury Upgrades for Your Wyckoff Home

9 Luxury Upgrades for Your Wyckoff Home

  • Maryanne Elsaesser
  • 05/6/22

Maybe your Wyckoff home is already luxurious, but you want to take it to the next level. You might want to enjoy the upgrades yourself, or perhaps you’re thinking about what competition might be like from other homes for sale in Wyckoff when it's time to put your house on the market.

We’ve put together a list of the top nine luxury upgrades for your home. These tips will help your home easily stand out among other houses for sale in Wyckoff.

Renovate your shower

Modern tile showers are in style in houses for sale in Wyckoff, and they are also easy to clean. If you want to go a step further, you could add a bathtub or a rain-style showerhead. They are a great luxury upgrade, but they can also help you save water. Here are some great options to consider for rain-style showerheads.

Add new kitchen countertops

Replace outdated countertops with the pristine, sleek look of quartz. Quartz countertops offer a classic style that streamlines a kitchen space, making it more bright and inviting. Quartz not only comes in stark white — countertops are available in several different colors to complement your kitchen space and design. Consider adding a waterfall counter to an open side, where the counter stretches to the floor, or consider flowing the quartz counters to the backsplash for a dramatic statement. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to impress buyers looking for homes for sale in Wyckoff.

Install a fireplace

Fireplaces are not just functional in heating your home, but they can also make your room look more inviting and comfortable. Imagine sitting near a fireplace, reading a book, and sipping a hot with stockings hanging above a fireplace in the winter. Electric fireplaces are especially nice, as they provide warmth while also being easier to maintain. Fireplaces are a great way to add style and luxury to your home. If you opt for a natural fireplace, this article will help you think about how you can get started with the project.

Make your home safer

This one isn’t nearly as exciting as other options on the list, but home safety matters and can give you peace of mind that you (and your loved ones) are protected from several possible dangers. Smart doorbells are a great option as they can allow you to see who’s at your door from your phone, regardless of whether you’re at home.

You might also want to consider smart smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors which will alert you on your phone — whether you're home or not — if there’s any danger. These detectors can allow you to update neighbors or local authorities should there ever be a need.

Make your home smarter

Smart technology is an excellent addition to houses for sale in Wyckoff. You can add smart lighting that can be controlled via your phone or voice. You could purchase a smart thermostat that allows you to control the climate in your home from your device while also saving money on energy costs. Smart technology can even help you take better care of your lawn.

Replace your windows

Installing new windows to homes for sale in Wyckoff will cut down on energy costs. They are easy to operate and will let in more natural light. When it's time to sell your home, you can expect to recoup around 85% of the money you put into replacing your windows. This is an excellent option if you want to enjoy these luxury upgrades yourself and want to boost your home’s ROI in the process.

Opt for stainless steel kitchen appliances

These can add a modern and clean look to your kitchen. Typically, newer appliances include warranties, so you won’t have to worry about what you’ll do if the appliance develops a fault or stops working. This is great whether you plan to stay in your home yourself or consider making upgrades before selling the property.

Create new outdoor spaces

Have you ever thought about putting an outdoor kitchen in? This is more than just purchasing a new grill; this might include setting up counter space, adding a built-in stovetop or refrigerator, or installing an outdoor sink. Outdoor kitchens are a great space to entertain or have a more enjoyable experience cooking dinner for your family. Other ideas for improving outdoor spaces include building an outdoor fire pit, installing a deck or patio, or even putting in a pool or hot tub.

After you’ve upgraded your home and you’re ready to take the next step in the listing, consider reaching out to Maryanne Elsaesser. Maryanne has three decades of experience in buying and selling properties and has extensive knowledge about the market for houses for sale in Wyckoff. She is available to help throughout the entire process of buying and selling. Contact her today to get started!

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