9 Interior Design Tips for Your Ridgewood Home

9 Interior Design Tips for Your Ridgewood Home

  • Maryanne Elsaesser
  • 03/6/22

Thoughtful interior design can elevate an average home to a remarkable one. However, it’s more than purchasing beautiful art and outfitting your rooms with the latest furniture. It requires careful consideration of your style, conscientious planning, and approaching designing your home from a holistic perspective. It can be challenging to figure out your Ridgewood New Jersey house's interior design, so here are some steps to guide you along the way.

Select your style

What kind of style do you want to incorporate into your home? Do you want a modern and contemporary atmosphere, or are you drawn to something more traditional? This is an essential first step as it will dictate all the ensuing color schemes, furniture purchases, decorations, and more.

You can work hand in hand with your interior designer to determine which style demonstrates your personality the most and works best with your property. It’s wise to avoid the interior clashing with the exterior of your home, as this can make the overall design feel fragmented. Fortunately, Ridgewood, New Jersey residential properties are largely Colonial, Cottage, and Ranch-style houses. All of these can complement a range of styles outfitted within them.

Prioritize functional pieces over clutter

A clean and organized home is fundamental to cultivating an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. Shelving, baskets, trunks, and more can help you store all your belongings and keep everything out of sight and off the floor. You can go even further and use inventive ways to mask electronics like tv cables, chargers, and computer wires. Use this opportunity to sort through your items and determine what to keep and remove. Living in a tidy home can help make it feel spacious and allow you to focus and enjoy your residence more.

Install customized design features

This step will make your home more unique, curated, and therefore more high-end. There’s a particular pleasure knowing a piece of furniture or artwork is original and produced for your specific needs and tastes. Most interior designers collaborate with other artisans who can create custom furniture, window treatments, and fixtures to streamline the execution of this task. This process is also scalable - you can choose to incorporate a few designated focal pieces such as a rare vase or striking lighting fixture or go all out and fill your house with custom features.

Bring in light

When you think of the houses which catch your eye in magazines, television, and film, they’re often bright and filled with light. Lighting can also give off a warmer feeling in your home, creating positive psychological benefits during the cooler months in Ridgewood.

Windows should maximize the amount of natural light which shines into the spaces. You can invest in ceiling windows for rooms that don’t get direct sunlight. For rooms that cannot accommodate ceiling windows, you’ll need to install adequate artificial lighting. When picking out the tone and design of your lighting, decide on an overall plan for the room while also incorporating unique lighting fixtures for focal points and added design.

Another option at your disposal is strategically placing mirrors to bounce light around the room and make it appear brighter. Lastly, consider incorporating spotlights on artwork and other features you want to stand out and catch the eye.

Embrace color and texture

We often think of a more neutral color palette for luxurious homes, but color and texture can elevate your space. You can use pops of color in cabinetry, have a focal wall, or give a whole room a bold color scheme. Be mindful that different colors will invoke different feelings and emotions. Blue, for example, brings calmness and confidence, while yellow is associated with joy and light. Pick up some swatches, see what colors speak to you, and paint accordingly to enhance your room.

Texture is another attribute to use to your advantage. You can incorporate a variety of textures like wood, metal, velvet, leather, and more. Draw inspiration for color and texture from the nature surrounding your home. Ridgewood features plenty of vibrant green shades in the grass, parks, and trees, as well as gorgeous deep blues from the ponds. The right combination of color and texture will enhance your space and give it even more personality.

Pay attention to trends

When planning your home, keep in mind the latest styles and designs. Open concept living spaces, soaking tubs, and farmhouse sinks are popular. See which of these pairs well with the style you’ve developed; most of these features come in various materials and textures to fit with any home.

Incorporating these adjustments will give your home that coveted new and modern feeling. As well as what is currently in trend, explore anything upcoming you think you can use. You wouldn’t want to bother with an installation that will become an outdated trend in a few months. This approach will make your home chic and luxurious while raising its value simultaneously.

Make it functional

When designing your home, it’s essential to include aspects that will help you in your day-to-day life. Your home is where you spend most of your time, so you want things to be as easy for you as possible.

Think of your needs and address them in the overall design. If you work from home, but your updated space doesn’t include a designated work area, your quality of life will be affected. In this case, it would be in your favor to invest in a room solely for you to use as a home office. This will ensure you can get your work done without the constant distractions the rest of your home may bring. Is your kitchen organized to make it easy to find all the necessary cooking utensils, and does your bathroom offer amenities to help you relax? These are all important features to consider so your home looks amazing and feels amazing.

Hire an interior designer

The most effective step to create and successfully execute an interior design plan is to hire an interior designer. An interior designer is there to work with you and nail down what you are looking for in your space. They help fuse your personality into the design and create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space you can call your own. A strong interior designer collaborates with you every step of the way to make sure the result is what you want.

They have the connections to acquire unique art, furniture, fixtures, and other decor and architects if construction is needed. Your life will be easier, as they will be the point person for any negotiations or time spent searching for specific pieces. With an interior designer on your side, you can focus more on your own life during this remodeling process and end up with a beautiful home that you can call your own. Ridgewood has plenty of fantastic interior designers to choose from, so you should have no issue finding one to fit your needs.

Make sure it showcases your personality

This is a significant part of the design process. Ultimately, this is your home, and it needs to feel like you at the end of the day. Whether you decide to tackle the interior design on your own or hire a specialist, be sure the design reflects your personality and vibe. You could have a gorgeous magazine cover-looking house, but if you don’t like the decor or it’s not functional for you, it won’t matter. Remember, there is always a way to find stylish decor which matches your vision and feels right.

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